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Help Get An Experienced Attorney on the 1st Court of Appeals

    A Message From

    Andrew Johnson

    I came to Houston in 2007 as a new lawyer to clerk for the First Court of Appeals. It was one of the best years of my life and led me into appellate practice. Fifteen years later, I’m very excited to be running for Justice on the First Court of Appeals, Place 6 in the 2024 elections.

    Being a Justice became my goal when I clerked for the First Court of Appeals.  I’m a textualist and believe an appellate judge’s role is to interpret the law as written, to be neutral and give no favoritism to any party, and to avoid legislating from the bench.  This judicial approach leads to consistency and predictability.

    Ten of the eighteen seats on the two Houston Courts of Appeals will be up for election in 2024, and it’s imperative that we elect qualified, experienced Justices to handle the enormous number of appeals for which these Courts are responsible.  As a career appellate lawyer with both civil and criminal appellate experience, I have those qualifications and experience.

    I would be honored to have your support and to serve the citizens of the First Court’s ten-county district by returning as a Justice to the court where my legal career began.